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The "vertical solution" to tackle any challenge in life…
The essential practice for any self-development and spiritual awakening journey.


As you develop your ability to remain present with the self-remembering technique, you can start the second practice: Self-observation.

The Law of Attraction tells us we attract in life what we are, not what we want. However, we don't know who we are because what we are is mostly (on average 90%) unconscious. Self-observation allows us to discover who we truly are and naturally overcome any subconscious block that is not serving us.

Like Self-remembering, Self-observation is a practice that increases the level of awareness, and it also applies the power of intention. In this case, the intention is to "Remember to self-observe".

Self-observation is defined as the start and the end of the inner transformation journey. It is an alchemical practice that, when mastered, can truly awaken the best part in you, make you overcome any limiting block and tackle any issue in life. Many call it the "vertical solution" because instead of using your energy to fight your battles outside, you use it to find the answer inside. This automatically changes your vibration, and gradually, a new reality is reflected outside.

Self-observation requires taking full responsibility for everything happening in our reality.
Sometimes, taking 100% responsibility for everything that we don't like or that we would like to be different can be quite hard.
However, initially, you can consider this perspective as a "mental challenge". Consider it as an alternative "filter" to your normal way to look at life. As a start, set it as an assumption in your mind as you practice Self-observation. Gradually you will be able to make it a new mental belief, and at some point, it will become a natural feeling: the deeper knowing that you are attracting your reality with your vibration… that you are the co-creator of your reality.

The key is to become a neutral witness.
In fact, there is no need to change any of your current behaviours or actions. Set your intention to remember to observe yourself as you go throughout your day - as a witness without judgment - as if you were a neutral spectator at the movie of your life.

It is the neutralisation of the mental judgment that makes the practice work. In fact, if you can achieve an observing state of awareness, the mental dialogue gets quieter.

The simple act of observing leads to self-correction… let's see how!
In inner alchemy, there is an analogy that explains the concept of how self-observation leads to self-correction. Imagine a big household with many staff but no one in charge. The house is a mess. Without control, each staff member is not performing their task: the gardener is in the kitchen, the cleaner is cooking, etc. But as soon as a butler is appointed, with the task of just observing their activity - everyone starts doing their job correctly.

When a part of us emerges in a moment when it should not be there (for example, our emotional side comes up just before an important speech, or the mental side steps in when we want to relax our body or sleep), we are like the disorganised household without the butler!
So let's see how it works in practice!


Every time we blame the outside for something that doesn't go the way we wanted we are repeating the belief that "we are not in charge" to our subconscious mind.
So, the first step is to imprint 2 new beliefs in the mind and repeat them to yourself every time you observe, in particular when you observe yourself in a situation that bothers you.

1. "I am responsible for 100% of everything happening in my life"
This new belief allows you to programme a new mindset into your brain:

I am 100% responsible = I AM in charge = I CAN make a change, whenever I CHOOSE

The affirmation will also help you switch off the judging mind, especially in challenging situations. It will help you stop giving energy to any judging thought and focus on the neutral observation. That's when the inner alchemy naturally begins.

Remember, Self-observation is only effective when you observe without judgment, including judging your judging mind!
Solutions arrive when we shift our consciousness from the blaming and judging mind, to the observing neutral awareness in the present moment.

2. "I am ready and open to receive the reason why"
This second affirmation is very important as it triggers your mind to be alert to "spotting" the reason behind the event you are observing.
For example, if you buy a pink car to be original, you will likely notice more pink cars than you did before you bought yours. It's called the Reticular Activating System - and it is the part of the brain that is designed to 'filter out' the information that's important or relevant to you.

This new mindset will direct your increased energy and attention in the right direction.
The combination of your higher awareness and the focus on the solution is what allows the inner alchemy to begin. When solutions arrive, the experience is similar to when, in a chess game, after looking at the board for a while unable to find the right next move - you suddenly spot the perfect one.
That's why it is crucial to "direct" the attention of the mind to the reason why you attracted it and the resulting solution. You are programming the mind to look for the answer inside.



As we know from the Self-remembering practice, when we set an objective, and we achieve it, we increase our energy. So, it's important to start with goals that require some effort but are also realistic and achievable. You can start with 3 days or a week. Or, if you are really committed, do it for the full recommended length of 40 days.

If you find self-observing for a full day too difficult to practice, choose one or a few specific moments to trigger the practice. For example, if you have a challenging relationship, start to observe yourself every time you are together with that person, including during any difficult discussions. Or begin by observing any regular habit you want to change.

Remember to become the observer and let go of any mental judgment about the outside and, most importantly, about yourself. If you notice yourself judging other people, just simply observe yourself judging, without judging yourself for doing it!

Initially, it can be beneficial to keep a diary that you can update every evening. Writing down what you observe will accelerate the results.

If you notice you are forgetting to practice too frequently, help yourself with stickers or reminders, or consider going back to the Self-remembering practice to strengthen your mental power.
Finally, keeping your practice as a personal secret will increase its power!



a. Observe your BODY
Our body takes a lot of our energy when we are unnecessarily tense. As you go throughout your day, start noticing your postures, how many automatic movements your body does without you even realising it. Notice how you move your hands during a conversation. Most importantly observe every time your body is contracted.

You can keep practising the Self-remembering exercise to relax your shoulders every hour, preferably by increasing it to every 15 minutes and by adding a short body scan relaxation exercise to let any tension in your body go. Notice if you are fully relaxed when you are seated or watching TV.

Feel more deeply any physical sensation: as you pay more attention to your body, you will able to sense what it is telling you. Notice its urges for food and drink, what it does and doesn't like. Notice any sexual urges and how they make you think and act.

The attention to the body will allow you to anchor to the present moment and become the neutral observer. The body is always in the "Here and Now"!

b. Observe your MIND
Start to notice where the attention of your mind goes mostly each day. Observe which mental loops are most triggered in your mind. As you observe, you are taking energy away from them and regaining control back. In this way, you will be able to remain in a state of presence for longer and more able to consciously decide where to direct your mental activity.

When you observe your mind, the effort is concentrated in observing yourself in those moments when you judge something or someone as “wrong”. It can be something that simply bothers you or something that really makes you upset. Repeat to yourself the 2 affirmations and then just observe what your reaction is, what you say and what you do. Remember to stay with any physical or emotional sensations in your body.

As you advance in the practice, you will be able to add another step. People and events that we judge as "wrong" are always attracted in our reality in "resonance" with a vibration we have at a deeper level: we judge as wrong what, subconsciously, we are, would like to be or we believe we were deprived of (this is called the Law of the Mirror).

However, such resonance can be easily misunderstood. These examples give a better idea and will help you during your self-observation practice.

What we judge and dislike in other people is related to 3 possible parts of our SUBCONSCIOUS personality:

- What we are
• If we can't stand people that steal => maybe it's because we share the same unbalanced sense of possession.
• If we can't stand dishonest people => maybe it's because we are dishonest with others in different ways or we are dishonest with ourselves.
• If we can't stand prostitution => maybe it's because we have a job that we don't like and that we do only for the money.

- What we would like to be ourselves
• If we can't stand people that have an active sexual life => maybe it's because we would like to, but we are repressed or not allowed to.
• If we can't stand people that cheat on their partner => maybe it's because we would like to cheat on our partner but we can’t.
• If we can't stand parents that are firm with their children => maybe it's because we lack determination in our professional life.
- What we believe we didn't have or was taken away from us
• If we can't stand affectionate couples => maybe it's because we didn't have enough affection from our parents.
• If we can't stand generous people => we didn't receive many presents as children.

When we have this perspective clear in your mind, we start to realise that people are a reflection of our imperfections. The neutral observation reveals those aspects by putting the light of your observing awareness on them.
In this way, as you practice, they lose power over you and your state of presence becomes an alchemical fire that transforms those hidden parts. As they come to light, their different vibration triggers a new message that you are sending out... and gradually reality will automatically respond to your new state of mind

c) Observe your EMOTIONS
While the third practice will allow you to use the energy of your emotion to your benefit, during this practice just focus on the observation.
Just notice when and which emotions come and go during your day. What triggers them? Is it a thought, someone else's actions, or maybe a daily topic on the TV that upsets you? Notice their energy in your body, in which part you feel them and how intense they are, as well as how long they stay inside you before they go.

Remember that by observing you are taking away energy from them. In this way, being able to detach and reduce the normal highs and lows, bringing more balance and reducing stress.
When you shift and become the observer, a new consciousness starts to build inside, fed by the energy that comes with your observing presence.

Like a new centre of gravity that gives you a fresh perspective - it gradually transforms you from the inside - and as a consequence, you attract a new reality outside.

Self-observation is the "Vertical solution" to tackle any issue in life.
Use you will power to remember. Trust the process, and always take what you DEEPLY FEEL is the right action