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The "vertical solution" to tackle any challenge in life…The essential practice for any self-development and spiritual awakening journey.WHAT IS SELF-OBSERVATION?As...

MEYA Self-Remembering Practice

Self-Remembering Practice Guide
A modernised distillation of an ancient practice

A powerful way to increase your presence and awareness

What are Binaural Beats?

How Music Meditation Can Switch Your Brain into the Mood You Need. 
Do you ever lie in bed, annoyed that your brain is ‘too busy’ for sleeping, and find yourself scrolling desperately for some calming sleep music to help you ‘switch off’?


by Hart Floe Poet

A new technology for TRANSFORMATION An application for ELEVATION   A new way of living A new way of loving   Meya presents a vehicle for you to EXPLORE...

How do I gain unconditional happiness?

by Salvatore Brizzi

‘How do I gain unconditional happiness?’ This is the ultimate question. Whatever question we pose, we really want an answer...